Eleonora Damiano is an italian singer, vocal coach and musictherapist. During the last two years She recorded the album "Inquisition" by Epinikion (Symphonic Metal Band from Belgium and The Netherlands) as lead singer, and "EpiClassica" (directed by Maestro Mistheria, keyboardist for Bruce Dickinson and more) for "Vivaldi Metal Project" as backing vocalist and live singer during the Summer tour ’22. She usually cooperates with other musicians, voice teachers and health professionals (speech therapists, psychologists, educators and rehabilitators, etc). She is part of Estill Voice Training International as an EMT and one of the teachers on the national soil for HOOP MUSIC - Milan.



Available as

  • Vocal Coach
  • Live and Session Singer
  • Musictherapist
  • Continua


    Born in San Donà di Piave on February 11th 1991, she approaches Modern Singing at the age of 9 and during the Artistic High School she plays in the first Rock Bands, participating with one of her writings to the authorized biography with CD by Pino Scotto and edited by Norman Zoia "Datevi Fuoco - Lo Scotto da Pagare", signing herself as Queen Hellionor. In those years She takes lessons in "Functional Singing" (Rohmert), but when she starts to listen to Symphonic Metal, She decides to experiment Classical Vocality. Therefore She starts at 17 to study Lyric Singing with M° Annalisa Bonetto and as mezzo-soprano in the "Chorus Carmina" with which the cd "When Jesus est in Corde" by Luigi de Grassi is recorded (conducted by Maestro Alberto Romanello). After Art Graduation She continues her musical studies to pass the Conservatory exams under the guidance of M° Serena Gani, at the same time training with the Soprano Patrizia Vaccari and the famous Mezzo-soprano Vivica Genaux, being admitted in 2014 to the "Renaissance and Baroque Singing Course".



    After attending the I and II level of "Estill Voicecraft" with Elisa Turlà and Alejandro Saorin Martinez in 2011, she concentrates on Classical studies, but immediately understood the importance of EVTS on voice control, becoming EFP in 2017 and EMT in March 2020. At the same time She achieves the title of "Holistic Voice and Sound Operator" at Umbriaincanto - Perugia - in 2018. She attends also the Quadrennial School of Music Therapy in Assisi - Perugia - from 2016 to 2019, training with important teachers such as Maurizio Spaccazocchi, where She discusses the thesis "Harmonies - between Music and Relationship" in 2020. Currently She continues his training in the deepening of the EVTS and other methods, studying piano and obviously carrying on the artistic and didactic activity.